It took 3 months for Indian media to speak on Asifa: MLA Rashid


Suggesting that national media should apologise for remaining “silent” on Kathua minor girl’s rape and murder, Awami Ittihad Party chairman and MLA Langate Sheikh Rashid has said the “criminal silence of three months has exposed these TV channels.”

In a statement issued today, Rashid said, “Keeping mum for three months and suddenly trying to become the champions of child rights has revealed that there was something behind the curtains that had forced the national media to shut its mouth over the minor girl’s rape and murder.”

He said while now “every TV channel” was debating the Kathua rape and murder case “the way it deserves to be debated” but their three-month shameful silence needs to be answered.

Rashid said, “The saner voices in India and the world community must notice that if it takes Indian media three months to speak on a heinous crime that has nothing to do with the national interest or integrity of India, how they will be reporting the atrocities on Kashmiris being committed in the name of dealing with so-called anti nationals and Pakistani agents.”

“There can be nothing shameful than the fact that while four civilians were martyred in Kulgam none of the TV channels had a word over the brutality of forces. It is evident that speaking for the minor girl has become a compulsion of Indian media and nobody should get misled and conclude that the ultranationalist media has turned neutral and fair overnight,” the statement read.

“It is shocking that it took those stars, who condemned Shahid Afridi for raising voice against killings in Kashmir, three months to tweet and condemn the minor girl’s rape and murder”.

Rashid said, “It was the miscalculation of the communal forces in Jammu that they highlighted the girl’s case by holding continuous protests and even the lawyers stopped crime branch from producing the charge sheet, which invited outrage on social media both at national and international levels, thus forcing the national TV channels to end their shameless and immoral silence over the issue.”

Source: Greater Kashmir


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