TikTok Deletes “Hate-Mongering” Video Linked To Jharkhand Mob Killing

The complaint was filed yesterday by Shiv Sena activist Ramesh Solanki against a group called “Team 07” that has nearly four crore followers.

NEW DELHI: Video-messaging app TikTok today deleted a clip that was accused of “hate-mongering” and was linked to the shocking assault on Tabrez Ansari in Jharkhand last month. The clip was deleted after Mumbai Police yesterday registered a complaint from Shiv Sena activist Ramesh Solanki. The app has also suspended the accounts of three members of the group – “Team 07”, which has nearly four crore followers, – that uploaded the video.

Tabrez Ansari and his friends were traveling from Jamshedpur to Saraikela-Kharsawan’s Karsova when they were attacked by a mob. Accused of stealing a motorcycle, he was thrashed for hours and forced to chant “Jai Sri Ram” before police arrived. He died five days later.

“He was mercilessly beaten as he was Muslim. I don’t have anybody, no in-laws. My husband was my only support. I want justice,” Shahista Parveen, Tabrez Ansari’s wife said.

The video deleted by TikTok showed five men – Faisal Shaikh, Hasnain Khan, Faiz Baloch, Adnan Shaikh and Sadhan Faroqui – saying, “You may have killed that innocent Tabrez Ansari, but tomorrow if his son takes revenge, do not say that all Muslims are terrorists.”

“As this ‘hate-mongering’ video can disturb peace between two communities and lead to possibilities of a communal tension, we have registered an offence against the TikTok account user which was used to post the video,” a senior police official was quoted by news agency PTI.

In his complaint, Ramesh Solanki claimed the video shows how “the public at large may have killed Tabrez, but if tomorrow, his progeny exercises revenge then he mustn’t be a called a ‘Muslim Terrorist'”.

“The video in question, which has violated our Community Guidelines, is no longer available on TikTok. Such irresponsible acts will not be tolerated on our platform, hence we have suspended three user accounts and are cooperating with law enforcement agencies,” the company said in a statement.

The three user accounts removed belong to Hasnain Khan, Faisal Shaikh and Sadhan Faroqui.

Meanwhile Ranchi police have issued an appeal to social media users to “not share posts that might disturb communal harmony”.

“All the admins and members of WhatsApp groups/other social media platforms are requested to not share posts that might disturb communal harmony. Action will be taken against the admins/ the person concerned, if such posts come to light. (06-07) #Jharkhand,” the police tweeted.

Source; NDTV


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