Three Khans of Bollywood avoid meeting Israeli PM, being applauded as ‘real heros’ on social media


New Delhi : While Amitabh Bachchan the  ‘Mahanayak of Century’  and his family  felt proud to pose for a  selfie with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – an accused of killing innocent Palestinian children and women, the three super  Khans  of Bollywood  Amir Khan , Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan avoided the event organised for Netanyahu.

Some section of media have got a chance to criticize this brave and graceful gesture  of super Khans and presenting their approach in such a way as if the they refused to meet Israeli PM because Netanyahu is a Jew.

On the other hand some Bhakts are also terming the absence of Khans from Shalom Bollywood  as an-anti national act.

The matter of fact is that ‘the super star Khans of Bollywood didn’t like meeting a person who is a war criminal, a bloody Zionist and mass killer of innocent Palestinian kids women and elders in cold-blood.

All three Khans are being applauded widely on social media for their humanitarian gesture and playing the role of Real Heros’ by not attending  a function which was to boost Indo-Israeli cultural ties.

Another Bollywood actor Ejaz Khan also made a video criticising Bachchan and Karan Johar.

Source: Muslim Mirror


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