This is jumlanomics, not economics: Sitaram Yechury


New Delhi: CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury is not happy with the budget. He said that this budget is not economics but jumlanomics. Yechury while talking to a media house, said”This is just jumlanomics, not economics. They are only providing slogans of relief to the people. The only positives are for corporates and international finance,”

He said that the budget is for corporate and it has given greater concession to the rich. He said,”If at all this budget is anything, it is pro-corporate and it is giving greater concession to the rich and window dressing it as though it is pro-poor while burdening the poor more,”.

He also said,”The government, in these four years, has given more than 2 lakh crore rupees of waivers to NPAs and big corporates. For Indian farmers, you don’t waive any debt. If you want to help the rural economy and the farmers, this is the least that the government could do,”

The communist leader raised doubts on the promised health scheme also.”Where is the money going to come from? Plus, if you see, this is not new. If you combine the number of existing schemes, you can create a new gimmick. You’re just repackaging the whole thing,” he said.