The Voice For Peace and Justice celebrated International Day of Forests across Kashmir

Srinagar, March 21

The Voice For Peace and Justice Organization, headed by renowned Jammu and Kashmir social activist Farooq Ganderbali, observed the International Day of Forests in Jammu and Kashmir.

Farooq Ganderbali oversaw the plantation campaign, per a statement. “Students, volunteers, and organization members took part in the plantation campaigns throughout Kashmir. Members, volunteers, and students from colleges, institutions, and schools planted over 1000 trees and plant saplings. The organization’s commitment to caring for and maintaining these plants is an essential aspect of this initiative.

In his remarks, Voice for Peace and Justice President Farooq Ganderbali expressed the hope that the celebration, which he described as having both religious and cultural significance, would herald peace, progress, and prosperity for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Additionally, this day heralds the start of the state’s planting season. Ganderbali urged everyone to work together on this occasion to plant more and more trees in an effort to protect the environment.

He continued, “Tree planting is essential for the community, and this initiative will do much to raise people’s awareness of the need to protect the environment. Children who once fell victim to radical and fringe forces are now actively taking part in nation building. He expressed gratitude for the current government and noted that it is working tirelessly to involve our children in fruitful activities.

Dr Waseem Yousf , Advocate Altaf Ahmad Lone , Dr Riyaz Ahmad , Nisar Ahmad Bhat Social activist , Shaheryar Majeed President JKYDF , diffrent social activities , school students , civil society members and all prime members of the organisation attended the celebrations.


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