Muslims youth should focus on their career instead of irrelevant arguments, Gujarat IPS

The IPS of Gujarat Mr. Sanjeev Bhat, advised Muslims youth to concentrate on their career and future instead of insignificant issues. Mr. Bhat wrote on his Facebook, that every day several news items published which targets the Muslim youths. The entire administration also makes an attempt to alienate them from society.

He also writes that the Muslims were the part of freedom struggle of India and sacrificed their lives. Every person belonging to the majority community is trying to get wider publicity which he does not deserve. This trend has emerged during the past three years.

He claimed that it has been determined by certain forces to target the Muslim community under following three objectives, to divert the community from the important issues like public distribution system, Vypam scam etc. and to engage them in unimportant discussions like Triple Talaq, Halala, Uniform Civil Code, recitation of national anthem in Madrasas, protection of cow, assassination of Muslim youths under the pretext of cow protection etc.

Mr. Sanjeev Bhat advised the Muslim youths to concentrate on their career. Youth should not get diverted from their targets, and the significant thins is that they should not to express their view on every material they read.


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