Telangana Muslim couple weds their Hindu daughter

Sheikh Muhammad Younis, Hyderabad

A Muslim couple in Banswara town of Telangana’s Kamaridi district has shown to the world human bonds are above the confines of religion as they married their non-Muslim ‘daughter’ according to traditions and rituals of the religion she was born into.

Sheikh Ahmed and Irfan Bano’s act is getting appreciation from all around.

Irfan Bano, Headmistress of Social Welfare Hostel, Borlam, and her husband Sheikh Ahmed is working in the Veterinary Department. They had adopted Vesir Rajita, who had lost her parents in a road accident.

Irfan Bano had adopted Rajita while she was studying in class VI. She was raised with affection and provided for and cleared her higher education by the family.

Irfan Bano took care of Rajita as she did of her biological daughters and a son. Her son Saeed Anwar is studying for an MBA in Europe.

After Rajita cleared her Senior secondary school examination and got admission to Junior College. She later did a course in DMLT (Lab Technician) in Hyderabad.

At this stage, as mothers do, she decided to find a suitable boy for Rajita to marry. Irfan Bano spoke with her non-Muslim fellow teachers and asked them to help her find a suitable match for her daughter.

Irfan Bano verified the antecedents of all the proposals and finally, her search ended with Venkat Ram Reddy. Venkat and Rajita got married according to Hindu customs. Irfan Bano made all the arrangements for the wedding.

A part from the school teachers, the locals also chipped in to organize the wedding. The wedding ceremony was so inclusive – like a beautiful bouquet – as people of all religions participated and congratulated the newlyweds.

Irfan Bano told Awaz-The Voice that she considers Rajita as his third daughter and had raised her as one.

She said all religions teach humanity. I helped Rajita with sincerity based on humanity. Irfan Bano said that Rajita was given complete freedom in life and pursuing her religion.

Irfan Bano said that she had helped another orphan girl Bhagya Lakshmi get educated and settled in life. She had found Shekhar as a suitable match for Bhagya Lakshmi and got them married four years ago.

 Irfan Bano considers Bhagya Lakshmi as her eldest daughter. Shekhar is employed in a sugar factory; the couple has a son.

Irfan Bano said that before Rajita’s marriage, she approached her uncles and other blood relatives, and invited them to attend her wedding and perform the rituals. However, they refused to come.

Many of her colleagues – both Muslims and Hindus – kept away from Rajita’s wedding. In such circumstances, Irfan Bano took charge of the wedding all by herself.

Irfan Bano says they are a unique family where Rajita and Bhagya Lakshmi – Hindu girls – were brought up in a Muslim family and they were never asked to follow any of Islam’s practices.

However, both Rajita and Bhagya Lakshmi not only respected her but also served her with all their good intentions and sincerity. Irfan Bano said that Rajita and Bhagya Lakshmi took full care of her.

She said that in the month of Ramadan, Rajita and Bhagya Lakshmi would wake up at three o’clock in the night, take a bath and cook for me for Sehri. They would also take a bath before Iftar to prepare food. Everyone took care of each other’s emotions and respected their sentiments.

Source: Awaz The Voice


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