Telangana: Man’s severed head found; murdered by wife’s ‘lover


On being informed about the severed head of an unidentified person at Battuguda, the task of the Two Town police was to find out the identity and where the torso was. The body was not anywhere in the surrounding but the severed head was placed on at Bottuguda Janda, Prakash Bazar under One Town Police station.

The deceased was identified as 25-year-old P Ramesh, who worked as a tractor driver. While speaking about the incident, Police officials revealed that Ramesh had left his home on Sunday night to buy medicines at a nearby store. He was brutally killed by assailants who are yet to be identified. Subsequently, at about 9.30 a.m. sniffer dogs found the decapitated body of the victim near Bharat Gas office, a kilometre away from the Bottuguda residential colony.

The merciless act has made police officials start a search operation in the entire region. Police said they later dumped the headless body in bushes in a locality near the collectorate, while Mohsin hid the severed head in his house and left it on the steps of a dargah located seven km away in the town the next day.

They are going through all the angles of the story. The owner of the tractor services has been questioned and the police are inquiring about the matter from locals too.

Ramakrishna had been harassing Ramesh’s wife to continue her illicit affair with him and had even threatened to kill her husband if she refuses, reported Deccan Chronicle.

Source: Newburgh Gazette


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