Telangana: In the name of ‘cow protection’, goons attacked Dalits


Hyderabad: In the last two years cow vigilant groups have developed a sense of terror in the minds of common people. In the name of cow-protection, they have attacked many innocent individuals. Many innocents have lost their life. In most of the cases, these cow-vigilant groups attacked people from Dalit and Muslim community.

Now a new incident has come into news. In Chinnakandukuru village of Bhuvnagiri district, some goons have attacked members of Dalit community.According to the information received on January 14, a group of about 20-30 people attacked the Dalits. According to eyewitnesses, when villagers gathered to celebrate Makar Sankranti. To follow the regional tradition, Dalits were going to slaughter a cow. But some 30 men riding bikes enter into the village.

Eyewitness said that the attackers attacked people with sticks. They have broken the windows and they have also stolen a cow. According to a victim, the attackers asked him whether you are a Muslim or not. A case has been registered and the police is investigation into the matter.