3 Dalits killed for sitting cross legs in front of Upper castes

Shiv Ganga, Tamil Nadu: In another hate crime against Dalits, three men are murdered. Media reports claim that Dalits were sitting cross legs when some Upper caste goons attacked them. The only reason behind was that they sat cross feet in front of the upper castes men. It was a common quarrel initially but it had gone in such way that three Dalits have lost their lives.

The incident started when two youths belonging to Dalit community Tiventiram and Prabhakaran Kurupaasaami were sitting outside a temple with cross legs. Upper casts youths did not like this and started abusing them. They objected and said that they will complain against them in Police. To which, Upper castes youths started thrashing them. But Dalit Youths complained in the police.

Now, the upper castes went on to take revenge. According to the police report Chandrkumar with his friends attacked the Dalits in the village.65 year old Arumugam and Shanmugnathan sustained injuries. They died in the hospital while another Chandrashekhar also died.