Sufi conference on Role of Syed Qamar-ud-Din Bukhari for Peace & Brotherhood

Srinagar, Sept 21:

With an aim to to restore peace, communal harmony, brotherhood, and tolerance in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir, a prominent youth-oriented Kashmiri organization ‘Voice for Peace and Justice’ organized a regional-level Sufi conference on Thursday at Syed Qamar-ud-Din Bukhari RA at Ganderbal.

The event was attended by hundreds of people from different nooks and corners of the valley as after remaining suspended for more than 33 years, the annual Urs of famous Sufi saint Syed Qamar-ud-Din Bukhari was observed this year in the Ganderbal district.

The annual Urs (death anniversary) of Syed Qamar-ud-Din Bukhari has a historical background and it had to be suspended because of the stiff opposition from followers of radical Islam.

Despite the strait jacket concept of Islam advocated by the Jamaat-e-Islami and Ahle Hadis school of thought, the iconic Urs at the Sufi shrine in Ganderbal stands out to prove that Sufism has deeper roots in Kashmir.

Till its suspension, the Urs at Ganderbal would attract thousands of devotees who would come to pay obeisance at the saint’s mausoleum.

Sweetmeat sellers, fruit sellers, garment stalls, and entertainment avenues for children would be the other highlights of the Urs.

“We had to restrict the Urs for the last 33 years because of turmoil. We would, however, perform the nightlong prayers at the shrine during all those years,” the shrine visitors avered.

“This year, the grandeur and gaiety for which Syed Qamar-Ud-Din Bukhari’s Urs is known throughout the Valley are again returning to Ganderbal,” said a member of the shrine’s management committee.

One significant highlight of this Urs in the past used to be the participation of Kashmiri Pandits alongside their Muslim brethren.

During the conference, several Sufiyana music segments were performed by the Kashmiri singers of the valley which attracted a good audience including writers, poets, authors, Students, and other intellectuals.

While speaking on the occasion, Molvi Manzoor Ahmad, said that extremist groups are attempting to destroy Kashmir’s cultural traditions and that Sufism is the only way to restore peace, communal harmony, and brotherhood.

While Molvi Ghulam Rasool Shah, emphasized that Sufi saints traveled tremendous distances to unite people of all creeds, castes, and religions, he also stated that in order to restore the peaceful atmosphere in Kashmir, Sufism must be promoted and practiced.

He further said: “Voice for Peace and Justice must be supported for their steadfast efforts to bring back Sufism in Jammu and Kashmir.”

President of Voice for Peace and Justice Farooq, Mr. Farooq Ganderbali said that Kashmiris have always set an example of communal amity and brotherhood even during the worst of times and the reason for that was they believed in Sufism.

“The mainstay of Kashmir’s tolerance and co-existence has been our Sufism. Unless Sufism is restored to its centuries-old glory, we cannot have a peaceful, tolerant and progressive society,” he said.

“Sufism is a path of spiritual advancements, an expansion of consciousness, leading to awareness of self and the universe. The substance of Sufism is selfless experiencing and actualization of the truth. The practice of Sufism leads to the development of innate spiritual and intuitive abilities,” Ganderbali added.

While refreshments were provided to the participants, mementos were awarded to individuals who had made outstanding contributions to the resurgence of Sufism in Kashmir.

Mufti Maneer Ahmad, Mufto Omer Atari, Molvi Nasir Ahmad , Molvi Riyaz Ahmad Ghulam Mohd, Molvi Mohd Younis Khan, President Utthaan Mission Trust, Zeeshan Farooq Dar, Editor in Chief Daily Asian Express Ajaz Kawoosi, Abdul Salam Kashmiri poet, Managing Director of Dar Industries, Ghulam Nabi Dar, President Jammu & Kashmir Youth Development Forum Shehreyar Dar, Mullahas, Sufi poets and different other renowned personalities were also present on the occasion.


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