‘Stolen Books Were Planted’: Azam Khan’s Wife Calls Jauhar University Raids a Conspiracy to Malign SP Leader’s Image

About 2,500 rare, stolen books were recovered from the library of Mohammad Ali Jauhar University, founded by Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan.

Lucknow: Three days after over 2,500 rare stolen books were recovered from the library of Mohammad Ali Jauhar University – which was founded SP leader Azam Khan – his wife called the raids a conspiracy to defame Khan.

Tanzeem Fatima, Rajya Sabha MP and wife of Lok Sabha MP from Rampur Azam Khan, said no permission was obtained by the district administration for entering the university premises. She also claimed that farmers were threatened and forced by district administration to lodge complaints against her husband.

“The accusations on the Jauhar University and my husband are totally baseless and false. No permission was taken from any University official before entering the university premises. The books, which are said to be stolen, were bought in cartons and jute sacks in vehicles that entered the university for raids by the district administration; our reliable sources have informed us. That is why, even media was not allowed in the library during the raids. Had the media persons been allowed, they would have seen this themselves,” Fatima told News18.

Fatima further claimed that Rs 6 lakh cash, kept in an almirah in the chancellor’s office, has been missing since the day of raids. “Money meant for Zakaat (charity) amounting to around Rs 6 lakh is missing from the almirah kept in the Chancellor’s office. The police officials took the money which was meant for helping poor students who are unable to pay their fees. The lock of chancellor’s office was also broken.”

The farmers were misguided, scared and threatened by the administration to lodge fresh cases against Khan, she said. “The police and district administration are on a mission to malign the image of Azam Khan at the behest of the state government.

Joint raids were conducted by the police and district administration at Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan’s Mohammad Ali Jauhar University in Rampur on Wednesday and recovered books that were allegedly stolen from a 250-year-old madrasa.

The search for books continued and when Khan’s son, Abdullah Azam, allegedly tried to intervene in the investigation, he was taken into custody for some time. Speaking to News18, Rampur SP Ajay Pal Sharma said, “MLA Abdullah Azam was trying to hinder the search operation of the police, after which he was taken into custody. Till now, around 2,500 books have been recovered.”

The team was probing a case registered last month related to the theft of several books from the ancient Madrasa Aliya in Rampur. The recovered books are ancient and valuable, police said. Investigation in the case began on June 16 after Zubair Khan, principal of Oriental College in Rampur, earlier known as Madarsa Aliya, lodged an FIR alleging over 9,000 books were stolen and taken to the library in Jauhar University. Madrasa Aliya is about 250 years old.

Speaking to the media, Abdullah termed the probe “vendetta”. “This is not an investigation. They [state government] are trying to finish an educational institution. They have no search warrant and everything is being done at the behest of the government.”

The joint raids of the police and district administration continued at the university on Wednesday. “The raids that started yesterday (Tuesday) are continuing. Rare books have been recovered there,” Director General of Police OP Singh said.

Source: News18