Srinagar mayor says municipal workers beaten by police

SMC employees are being singled out, thrashed, abused – as if for entertainment, Srinagar mayor Junaid Mattu said.

Srinagar mayor Junaid Mattu on Wednesday alleged that Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) workers “are being beaten black and blue repeatedly” by the Jammu and Kashmir Police, prompting the force to launch an enquiry into the matter.

Saying that the SMC has been at the forefront of Srinagar’s battle against COVID-19, Mattu tweeted, “After MULTIPLE instances of sanitation workers being BRUTALLY beaten by policemen in Srinagar, I AGAIN brought the matter into the notice of SSP Srinagar yesterday – along with this video – where SMC employees are being SINGLED OUT, thrashed, abused – as if for ENTERTAINMENT,” he said on Twitter. He also shared a small video which purportedly shows policemen beating two people, who Mattu claimed were SMC workers.

When contacted, Srinagar SSP Haseeb Mughal told The Indian Express, “Yes he (Mattu) called me (last night)… It (Tuesday’s incident) can be an aberration, a personal reaction of an individual on the ground… We are briefing our boys. we will enquire. Police is a disciplined department and even if there is an aberration, we are ready to correct it. My only issue is we shouldn’t politicise such issues it and this time.”

Source: The Indian Express


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