Shiv Sena praises Priyanka Gandhi, Compare with Indira Gandhi


Mumbai. The Shiv Sena on Wednesday said the Congress will benefit from Priyanka Gandhi’s entry into politics as she has a good personality and possesses qualities of her grandmother Indira Gandhi.

Priyanka formally entered politics with the Congress appointing her the general secretary for Uttar Pradesh East, ending years of speculation and signalling the party’s intent to go full throttle in the state ahead of the general elections.

Talking to PTI, Shiv Sena spokesperson Manisha Kayande said the Congress has strong reasons to rejoice because Priyanka Gandhi, who was so far on the periphery, will now be a part of active politics.

“The party will benefit from her good personality, her ways of presenting herself and her ability to strike a chord with the voters. She has the qualities of her grandmother,” she said. “While going out to vote, people will see Indira Gandhi in Priyanka,” Kayande added.

NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said Priyanka’s formal induction into the party will enthuse party workers and the Congress will reap “special benefits” in Uttar Pradesh.

“The SP-BSP alliance will not be affected much because they have a fixed vote bank of Yadavs, Dalits and Muslims. However, her (Priyanka’s) clout will charge up the party workers,” he said.

Malik said if the Congress plays intelligently using Priyanka’s charm, the party will easily win 20-21 seats in UP, repeating its performance of 21 seats in the 2009 general elections.


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