When the ruler is strong, the country is hollow and weak. Why so?

Rahul Gandhi ! Rahul Gandhi ! Rahul Gandhi! Since the last 3 days, every channel, every party, every discussion and every man is humming only one name, that is Rahul Gandhi. Today every debate, every discussion, every conjecture and every debate is only fovussing on Rahul Gandhi.

It was meant to be an unbelievable proposal, to debate it successfully and to shake the ruling party from its ground. On top of this, the silent game player in Indian Politics, Sonia Gandhi took a straight forward decision and once again proved to be the backbone of the Congress party.

By declaring Rahul as the prime ministerial candidate, Sonia Gandhi has sought almost all the resources she wants. In the Lok Sabha that day, the entire Council of Ministers including the Prime Minister, all the ruling MPs, including the Lok Sabha Speaker himself, were found to be the most respected leader of the Lok Sabha secretariat, being a common leader of the Opposition coalition, Rahul was instrumental in taking a call on Modi, it was a very shameful scene. Yes, you will understand the meaning of this literary word. There is no other word more appropriate than that for the Prime Minister’s rote learnt speech.

Sonia Gandhi has created a sophisticated view of this irresistible scene.The clear message for the coalition parties is clear. This silent striker is being viewed by BJP as a strategist and is confusing the whole debate in two directions. First of all, it cheats the Congress whose government is formed. And secondly, if the government becomes a weak government, then the country will not be prosper. Now, going through history, so far, the BJP has received ample opportunities to form the government once, when together with Left, they formed VP Singh’s government. For eleven months, just 11 months the government was allowed to dissolve.

When the BJP formed the government in 2014, with Modi as PM, politically unaware people had high hopes in the govt. Let alone BJP, they used to name it as the “Modi Govt.” However the illusion has been shattered now. BJP’s disgusting politics, wherein they aim to initiate communal violence and harbor financial frauds, has unfolded in front of the Modi believers. It will be recorded in History, that BJP and Modi, together pushed India to ruin.