Row over Iqbal poem: Headmaster’s suspension revoked, gets transferred

On October 14, the administration had suspended Ali after local VHP members complained that he made students recite a religious prayer at the morning assembly. T

The Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) of Pilibhit district on Saturday temporarily revoked suspension of Bisalpur primary school headmaster Furqan Ali on “humanitarian grounds” and transferred him to another school.

On October 14, the administration hadsuspended Ali after local VHP members complainedthat he made students recite a religious prayer at the morning assembly. They had alleged that the particular prayer is recited in madrasas.

But, an inquiry by Bisalpur’s Block Education Officer (BEO), Upendra Kumar, had found that Ali made students recite the poem ‘lab pe aati hai dua’, written in 1902 by the poet Muhammad Iqbal, who also wrote ‘Sare Jahan se Accha’.

According to an order issued by BSA Devendra Swarup on Saturday, Ali has been issued a strict warning to abide by the government rules.

“As the report into the ongoing inquiry by the BEO has not been received, Furkan Ali’s suspension is being temporarily revoked on humanitarian grounds and posted to the primary school, Bakhtavar Lal, in Bisalpur area. He has been issued strict warning that he should abide by all departmental rules in the future and that he performs his duties by following directions of senior officials,” said the order, adding that Ali would be paid for the days when he remained suspended.

In a statement, the BSA also said that a disciplinary inquiry was also in progress against the headmaster.

Meanwhile, speaking to The Indian Express on Saturday, Pilibhit District Magistrate Vaibhav Srivastava said, “Headmaster Furqan Ali was suspended because a video went viral on social media in which he is seen and heard saying that because most of the students of the primary school belong to a particular community and following their request, he used to get the Iqbal’s poem recited during the morning assembly.”

Source: The Indian Express


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