Rohingya Refugee Camp catches fire; 55 families homeless again

MEWAT: A Rohingya Refugee camp in Haryana, Mewat faced fierce fires on Sunday afternoon, leaving 55 families homeless and hopeless who were already living under a make-shift tent that the State Government of Haryana had provided. This settlement is near the Chandeni area and has been home to Rohingya refugees since 2012. The incident occurred due to a short circuit at the refugee camp.

This is not the first Rohingya refugee camp that has been burnt down due to a short circuit. A month back a similar incident had taken place in New Delhi’s Kalindi Kunj.

With no international institution willing to aid the Rohingyas with a chance to return to their homeland, the Rohingyas have become subject to crimes, poverty, poor sanitation and negligence in all the host countries that currently house the Rohingyas.