Rickshaw Driver Ahmad Ali opens 9 schools, PM Modi lauds him with appreciation!

Rickshaw driver Ahmad Ali, who understands the importance of education despite being illiterate, is succeeding in achieving his dream. With his personal savings and budgeted expenditure, Ali has succeeded in founding and opening 9 schools.

PM Modi said, “When I got to read in your letters, how did Ahmed Ali, a rickshaw driver of Karimganj in Assam, built nine schools for poor children using his own savings, I witnessed the indomitable will of this country’s people.”

Rickshaw puller Ali from village Karimganj district was unable to pursue eduction due to poverty, due to which he continues to drive a rickshaw today. Ahmed felt stuck with his illiteracy and therefore he decided that now he will not allow any child from his village to remain uneducated.

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जब मुझे आपके पत्रों में पढ़ने को मिलता है कि कैसे असम के करीमगंज के एक रिक्शा-चालक अहमद अली ने अपनी इच्छाशक्ति के बल पर ग़रीब बच्चों के लिए नौ स्कूल बनवाये हैं – तब इस देश की अदम्य इच्छाशक्ति के दर्शन होते हैं : PM @narendramodi

In the last four decades, Ahmed has established 9 schools, out of which three primary schools, five middle English schools and one high school are included. He first established a small level primary school in 1978 by selling one of his land in his village and collecting small amount of villagers money. Ali’s goal is to establish 10 educational institutions. Although he has already established nine schools, now he just wants to start a college in this area.

He has a family of two wives and seven children. Ali believes that every profession has its own dignity and he is proud of himself that he is known as a rickshaw driver. Surprisingly, he did not give any name to any school. Only the name of the high school is on their name, that too because the villagers insisted on doing so.

Ali was recently congratulated by Krishan Kumar Paul, MLA of Goddard, for his efforts to spread the light of education in his village and the surrounding areas. Apart from this, the Ministry of Minority Affairs has also announced the approval of Rs 11 lakh for the development of Ahmad Ali High School from Multi-Regional Development Program fund under the Ministry.