We remained silent, when they killed Muslims, then they burnt Dalits but now they are pelting stones at small kids: Kejriwal


New Delhi, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal condemned the attack on the school bus of GD Goenka in Gurgaon, Haryana on January, 24. The bus was attacked by Rajpur, Karni Sena, in protest against the release of Movie Padmavat.

During a program of Republic Day in New Delhi, Kejriwal slammed the Government for not taking required initiatives to resist such destructive forces; as well showed his specific concern for the safety of citizens.

Kejriwal claimed that he couldn’t sleep the whole night after the mob attacked the school bus. He viewed the attack as a matter of shame as it took place just a few kilometers away from the National Capital and before the Republic Day.

While addressing the people, he said “We remained silent, when they killed Muslims. Then they burnt Dalits and beat up them. But now they are pelting stones at small kids.”

Further, he urged people not to remain silent on such critical issue, as gradually these forces are becoming the threat to the nation.

The video of the school bus with frightened and crying children inside the bus went viral. The Children were crying and crouching as the Karni Sena vandalized the bus and pelted the stones. After that, the video had evoked the fierce reaction from people of the different field.

Source: Muslim Mirror