Is there really any scale to measure Patriotism?



‘Vande Mantram’ and ‘Jan Gan Man’ is one of the ways to express the love for the country. India is a diverse country with various cultures and languages, with Freedom of Speech and expression written in the Indian Constitution which also confers the right to stay silent under the same article.

But what is really Patriotism? As I look for a statement, every mouth gives a different answer. While some says its the ‘ love and respect for the ideals and rules of nation’ other says ‘ it’s being loyal to the country in which we live in, having a feeling of togetherness and love for all’.

As I turn around, some just smiled while uttering no words, but their eyes said things for them. While others offered similar statements like ‘ sacrificing for the nation’ or ‘respect and devotion towards the nation’.

While looking for something different I met someone who poured her heart out! It compelled me to ask her she mentions herself as Witty Tyagi, she says ‘ For me patriotism is feeling happy about the I was born in a country which has home for every religion, where so many great thinkers and wisest people are born, where great bibles are written- which are so factual that it matches what is now discovered by modern science, where surgery and so many things are invented but goes unrecognized, for me patriotism is to be born in a country where things were discovered without technology , but through best brains’.

All this made me realize that Patriotism is a feeling that doesn’t require words. It is a feeling that is felt. A farmer may not know ‘ Vande Mantram’ or its actual meaning, but that doesn’t mean he is not a patriot. His patriotism is symbolized through his sacrifice and service for the nation.


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