Raza Academy’s Protest March Condemns US Embassy’s Shift To Jerusalem

MUMBAI: Supporting and furthering the cause of the People of Palestine, Raza Academy (Mumbai) held a Candle March to strongly protest and oppose the shift of US Embassy from Tel Aviv, the Capital of Israel, to Jerusalem, a disputed territory. The march was held on 15th May, from Minara Masjid, EM Merchant Road, Mumbai.

Young men, little children and people from all walks of life marched to oppose America’s nasty move of relocating its embassy to Jerusalem. The protesters shouted slogans saying, “America Murdabad, Israel Murdabad”, “Islam Zindabad”.

Raza Academy has always been steadfast when it comes to opposing any wrong, any injustice against Muslims. The Academy that follows the Islamic philosophy of Imam Ala Hazrat (Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi Rehmatullah Alaih), has always voiced its views whether it be the matter of Syria, Gaza, Palestine, Kashmir or even Triple Talaq.


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