Raza Academy Peacemakers met with ‘Lathi Charge’ by Police

Raza Academy members engage in dialog with the police present at the scene.

MUMBAI: Another case of communal violence and shaming was recently reported at Kotergate, when on the night of 7th September, members of a community abused and threatened a Muslim driver.

Some passersby and the police intervened to resolve the matter and after a while, ACP Naresh Meghrajani commanded ‘Lathi Charge’ which unnecessarily fueled the situation.

Shakeel Raza, Gen. Secretary, Raza Academy, Bhiwandi intervened, asking the police to suspend the ‘Lathi Charge’ and he suggested that the matter would melt in a while.

The ACP’s action of not dropping down with the violent treatment of the crowd resulted in a paradoxical situation, where the peacemakers from Raza Academy were met with a violent situation.

In a position when dialogue could’ve sorted the situation, the ACP’s assertion towards violent treatment of the crowd is enough to explain his demeanor towards the affected community.


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