Rahul Gandhi stuns “No Confidence Motion” Meet with newfound Courage

Rahul Gandhi gave a speech on the Opposition’s motion of no confidence against the Modi government. Rahul said that today people will hear, what they have always wanted to, they will see that all the problems, incidents and failures of the government shall be addressed.

The most interesting thing to note is that, no politicians drag industrialists into the parliament, however Rahul Gandhi gave no respite to the Ambani brothers, he mentioned how the BJP govt. is quietly seated in Ambani’s pockets.

1. “Pradhanmantri apni aankh meri aankh mein nahi daal sakte.”
Rahul took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that Modi is not a chowkidaar (watchman against the corrupt) but a bhagidaar (accomplice of the corrupt).
“I can see the prime minister smiling, but somehow there is a touch of nervousness in the gentleman. Mr. Modi is not looking at me. He is looking here and there. I understand, Modi ji cannot look into my eyes because he has not been truthful.”

2. Aap mujhe ‘Pappu’ bulate hain
Rahul said the BJP makes fun of him and hates him but he has no hate for the BJP. “Aap logon ke andar mere liye nafrat hai. Aap mujhe Pappu bolte hain aur bohot gaaliyan dekar bula sakte hain, lekin mere andar aapke liye nafrat nahi hai.” Rahul was referring to the social media memes that make fun of him calling him a ‘Pappu’, a stupid boy.

3. The Bear-Hug
The Congress president stunned the Lok Sabha after his speech as he walked towards PM Modi and gave him a big bear hug to show his goodwill even for his opponents. Just as Rahul was leaving, Modi called him back and patted him on his back..

Rahul Gandhi is not just the president of the Congress but also the leader of the biggest party in the coalition and his role in the next election will be extremely important. One can surely see the confidence in Rahul Gandhi’s stance, poise and walk.In this context, today’s speech of Rahul Gandhi will have a far-reaching and positive impact on the country’s politics.