Rahul Gandhi, its time for Congress to Attack!


With Shashi Tharoor’s statement against the BJP, the Congress is wading away from Tharoor. Back in time, Congress has waded away from harsh statements made by people like Mani Shankar Aiyar, Digvijay etc. What is wrong with the statement made by Mr. Tharoor? Is it not true that the BJP is taking the country towards fanaticism on the basis of the coercion? What was wrong, Iyer said, if a person sat on the Prime Minister’s post and broke the statement of the Opposition leader? Yet what is the reason that Congress is trying to separate itself from these statements of its politicians? Is the Congress scared?

Rahul’s Congress appears very scared at the moment. The horror has increased so much that it is frightened of BJP’s aggressive Hindutva, Congress has softened its approach. That is why the Congress’ vote bank is decreasing day by day. Rahul Gandhi should remain aggressive and follow the tradition of Nehru, Indira and adopt an aggressive approach and should strike the fundamentalists brutally. Attack is the only defense.

The Congress is probably thinking that it might lose the election due to an aggressive approach, but in reality it is continuously losing.

Hardcore politics can not be permanent in this country’s politics of multiculturalism. Here it will be the only one which will raise the voice of the dalits, backward and the alpasis. Who will fight for the unemployed, will develop equal opportunity for everyone. Who will always be ready to fight for secularism.

Rahul is very scared today He is silent on issues of actual importance. Congress is mum, it doesn’t dare to speak on issues such as oppression, women security and commercialization of education. In contrast, it is parting ways with the voice of its vocal leaders.

Congress has the mind, the power, the thought and specially the leadership. All it needs is faith in itself and tonnes of confidence.


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