Rahul accurate on comparisons between RSS and Muslim Brotherhood – Mufti Ashfaq

Mufti Ashfaq Husain Qadri President AITUI
Mufti Ashfaq Husain Qadri President AITUI

New Delhi: Justifying the statement of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the founding president of All India Tanzeem Ulama e Islam congratulas Mr Gandhi. Last week, during a discussion in London Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that the nature of RSS is like the Muslim Brotherhood. After this, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the supporters of the RSS had flared up in India.

Tanzeem’s President Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Qadri said that the nature of RSS is exactly like the Muslim Brotherhood. He said that the Muslim Brotherhood is an infamous institution which takes the name of Islam for its political advantage, but among the Muslims it just considers those who belong to the Salafi ideology. Mufti said that the Muslim Brotherhood, which is dramatizing democracy, is a very racist and has been playing with naïve Muslims by showing the dream of Caliphate favorable to Wahhabi ideology. This is the situation of the RSS who lied to the naive people of India for their political gains, while there is a deeply cynical Brahminical group. Mufti congratulated the Congress president saying that he compared the two mutual radical ideology which is right.

Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Qadri said that the Muslim Brotherhood has crushed many political opponents during a one-year Egyptian Mohamed Morsi rule and it is involved in human rights violations in Egypt and Arabia. Mufti said that the Muslim Brotherhood has Salafist ideology since its establishment since 1928 and it has faith in dealing with violence with its opponents. Mufti said that in 1982, the Muslim Brotherhood in his document ‘The Project’, Salafi controversial Maulana Yusuf AlQardawi has clarified that the organisation believes in changing colors according to the spot. In this document, the Muslim Brotherhood has painted liberalism in order to move in Europe, while resorting to violence in Egypt, Syria and Iraq. Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Qadri reminded that the popular Front of India in India is known for its nature, whose video was released by INDIA TODAY group in an sting operation. He reminded them that then he had demanded from the Indian Government that the Muslim Brotherhood in India is present in the form of a Popular Front and that is the threat to Indian democracy like RSS. Mufti Ashfaq Hussain Qadri has also written a congratulatory letter to the President of Indian National Congress, in which he has been appealed to stand united against the fundamentalist Wahabi and racial Brahminical forces. In his letter, he said that he agreed on Rahul Gandhi’s political stand with one million supporters of his organization.