Rafael case: 8 Proofs which show that the Rafael scam is a Modi government scam

It is not only dependent on the question of Rahul Gandhi or the irrelevant answer of Narendra Modi. On Friday, this issue was raised by Congress President Rahul Gandhi in the Indian Parliament. Rahul Gandhi is still saying that there is something black in Dal. Learn what the whole case is

Manohar Parrikar negotiated and signed this Raphael deal, on the day the deal was signed, he gave full details of the deal prices.

Two months later, the Minister of State of Defense, according to the deal, kept the base price on the table of the Lok Sabha till that time Parrikar was a defense minister. If there was a clause to keep the price hidden in the agreement in 2008, then the state minister would still not tell the quoted prices.

When Nirmala Sitharaman became the Defense minister, she held a press conference in South Block with the Secretary of Defense and DCOAS (Deputy Chief of the Army Staff) and said that he is now studying the file and he instructed the Defense Secretary to tell the price of the Raphael deal. (He did not mention any secrecy clause there).

The French company Dassault had entered the price details of the deal in its annual report. If they wanted to hide it for commercial reasons, why would they print it publicly in the report?
When French President Makran came to India on a tour, he had told India Today in an interview that if the Indian government wants it, then he can tell the price in his parliament (why does a secrecy clause stop asking prices).
The statement of France government on Friday, there was no mention of price anywhere in that statement, just a general agreement was mentioned.
If any consolidated fund of the country is spent, then it is audited by CAG and PAC, even the secret programs are also in the information of the PAC, no deal can be excluded from the scrutiny of the Indian Parliament.
In this country, Arun Jaitley (who has no connection with this ministry) had started the song in the privacy of this deal first in his country, then on his footsteps Nirmala Sitharaman also walked and for this, A.K. Antony was guilty. Put in
Whichever party you wish to vote but some questions, please, which private company is benefiting from this deal? Who is close to that private company? The family whose election campaign has been financing? Whose money is being created in every district and in Delhi with seven star offices? Why did Modi and Jaitley make political funding so opaque? Modi’s sin is going to come in future in the form of Nirmala Sitharaman, Modi Shah has already been preparing a pawn for every wrongdoing, this time he is a defense defense minister.