Quran Desecration : CCTV Footage helps in arresting the miscreant

Gen. Sec, Raza Academy, Mr. Shakeel Raza alongwith others at the Police station.

BHIWANDI: The case of Quran Desecration has been solved, as the miscreant behind the desecration has been arrested in Bhiwandi.

The CCTV camera in Madina Mosque, Kalyan Road, Bhiwandi was able to capture the culprit and handed over the video footage to the Police.
The Holy Quran is the book of immense faith in Islam, it is considered the holiest book by Muslims.

The holiness of the Qur’an is such that Muslims cleanse themselves with Wudhu, before touching or reading the holy book. So if someone insults the greatness of the book certainly he cannot be regarded as a Muslim. Muslim residents of Kalyan Road became extensively furious when they became aware of the incident.

The miscreant was arrested in Shastri Nagar, who used to desecrate the holy book by dirtying it and tearing the pages, smearing them with dirt and throwing away the pages in the toilets.

People wait outside Bhiwandi Police station for information about the miscreant responsible for the desecration of the Holy Quran.

The CC camera installed in the mosque was able to capture the incident wherein the miscreant tore the pages and scattered them on the staircase in the mosque.

Just as the incident was reported to Raza Academy, Bhiwandi, General Secretary, Shakeel Raza immediately contacted the police and filed an FIR regarding the same.

On 18th September, the police booked the case against the miscreant under 139/16 (Section 295 (A). The matter has been looked into by Assistant Police Inspector, Syed Gilani.


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