Protest Rally against Saudi Arabia in New Delhi

New Delhi. Hundreds of Indian Muslim held a demonstration in New Delhi in condemnation of the demolition of the graves in ‘Jannatul Baqee’ in Medina by Saudi Arabia and Al Saud Family.

The protestors asked for the rebuilding of the graves of the Baqee’ Imams and Companions of the Prophet.

The protesters had planned on marching towards the Saudi embassy in New Delhi, but were prevented from doing so by police roadblocks.

Molana Ghadanfar Abbas, a cleric taking part in the protest, said that the demolition of the graves of the Baqee’ Imams & Companions reveals the anti-Islamic nature of Wahhabis, and their hatred of the Prophet’s Household.

Molana Sheikh Asghari, New Delhi’s Friday Prayer Imam, asked the government of India to reduce its relations with Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest sponsors of terrorism.

Molana Sayyed Mohsen Taqawi, the Friday Prayer Imam of New Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate mosque, condemning the demolition of the graves of the Baqee’ Imams by Al-Saud, said that this act reveals their animosity towards Islam and the Prophet.

The protestors released a statement at the end, condemning the silence of the United Nations on the demolition of the graves of the Baqee’ Imams, and named Al-Saud to be the main sponsors of terrorism and ISIS, and described Saudi Arabia as partner to takfiri terrorist crimes.



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