Protest against the visit of Israeli PM-‘Dictatorship of the US and Israel will not prevail’

Nagpur: A peace rally was organised by the Muslim society against the occupation of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the third most sacred city for Muslims. The rally was organised in the Mominpura Football Ground.Various organisations have gathered together to protest against the Israeli atrocities. They have handed over a memorandum to the Deputy Collector. In addition, they have also submitted a memorandum over the issue of triple talaq.

It is worth mentioning that the United States had declared to move it’s Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which was severely opposed by many countries. 128 nations including India had voted against the US move.

Opposing the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit to India, Ulema-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat said that Jerusalem is the third most sacred city of Muslims, and that the dictatorship of America and Israel will not prevail. At the same time, on the issue of triple talaq, he said that India is a secular country where the people of all religions have the right to be in accordance with the law of their religion which nobody can not snatch from us.

On this occasion, various organizations of the city including the Union of Muslim Students, Munazza A Falahia, Asra Foundation, Global Islamic Organization, Noori Mahfil, Mominpura Roshan Committee took part. Maulana Kamar Ali
Asvi, Maulana Nayeem Uddin Noori, Mufti Mujtaba Sharif, Mufti Sarfaraz Ahmed Barkati, Maulana Faiz Ahmad Ash’hari, Maulana Mehboob Khan, Maulana Mustafa Raja Changal, Maulana Abdul Kalam (Hingna), Maulana Abdul Khaleel, Maulana Shafi Raza and others have participated in the event.