Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was anti war: Maneka Gandhi

New Delhi: BJP leader and Central Minister Maneka Gandhi has praised the teachings of Islam. She also praised Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Central Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi said that students at the school should be taught six major religious texts, including Geeta, Quran and Bible, so that they can create tolerance against each other. According to the Hindustan Times, she raised this matter in the education meeting of the Union Advisory Board and now she is planning to teach the scriptures at least twice a week.

She said, “These days, there is a lot of religion-based stress, one reason is that children do not have enough information about other religions, and blind hatred is spreading. Teaching of major religions like Mahatma, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Islam will help in removing religious conservatives.”

The Union Minister said, “How many of us have read our religious texts? I have read the Quran.. how many of us know that Prophet Muhammad was anti-war? In our school days we were taught ethical science, but now it is not done. Describing the manner in which play schools run across the country, she said that although the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights has prepared guidelines for its regulation, it is not implemented properly.


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