Prof Madhav Menon youth Parliament competition by AMU Malappuram

The N.R. Madhava Menon Youth Parliament, 2020 started with the recitation of quranic verses by Mr. Riyazuddin, followed by a short welcome note by  Kulsoom Hasan, Secretary, MUN club, AMU Centre Malappuram.

Dr. Faisal K.P, Director Aligarh Muslim University Centre Malappuram delivered a welcome speech, in his address he acknowledged all the guests and thanked everyone for their valued presence.

The welcome speech was followed by the inaugural address of the chief guest Prof. Shakeel A. Samdani, Dean, Faculty of Law, AMU, Aligarh.

He centered his speech around the achievements and contributions of Prof. N.R Madhava Menon in the legal and social field as well. He said that ‘ Sir Menon was a notable alumni of AMU, he was the one who took a  stand for thousands of unprivileged people by providing them free legal aid,  it was him who gave the idea of five years integrated course of B.A.LL.B, not only this he also laid the foundation of the first NLU in Bangalore.’  Talking about his successful and inspiring life style he threw light on Prof. N.R. M. Menon’s way of living and looking at life. In view of Menon sir’s corporate life, he also told the students about the Importance of youth parliament.’ A soldier never retires, he works till his last breath’ he said. He motivated the students, specially the girl students to make their life worth living. He stated that ‘there is no substitute for hard work’, to this he added that ‘ a true Muslim should gain knowledge from cradle to grave.’ He talked about the importance of language and urged the students to learn as many languages as they can, ‘ language is not the Monopoly of anyone’, he added. On a very kind note, he asked the students to meet him whenever they visited AMU. He also expressed his wish to visit the organizing centre i.e. AMU Centre Malappuram. He also expressed Vice Chancellor’s deep concern regarding the betterment and development of the Malappuram  centre. He advised students not to divide themselves on the basis of religion. He centered his inspiring address around the change and development that is to be brought about by the youth and also asked them to not to confine themselves to books merely.  ‘Politicians are many, but not all are nation builders,’ he added. He ended his speech on a very inspiring note, by advising the youth to utilize their initial stage to it’s fullest or a fruitful and happy life. In the end, he thanked the teachers organizers, students organizers as well as the executive board.

The event ended with the  vote of thanks by Mr. Ghalib Nashter, President, Law Society, AMU-MC.

The inaugural session was moderated by Dr. Shahnawaz A. Malik, Convener, Law Society, AMU-MC.

The executive board included Mr. Akram Khan, Speaker for the house and Ms. Ariba Abbas, Deputy- Speaker for the house.

The organizers were Mr. Shubhanshu Das, Additional Secretary, Law Society, AMU-MC, Kulsoom Hasan, Secretary, MUN club, Law Society, AMU-MC and Mahamud Hasan, Joint Secretary, MUN club, Law Society, AMU- MC.

The inaugural session was graced by the presence of guests from Aligarh Muslim University main centre as well as the other two centres and Shia college, Lucknow.

The competition started at 10:00 A.M soon after the end of inaugural program.