Pro-Modi Muslim Organisations demand to put a Stop on Violence against Muslims

Jasim Mohammed, one of the first Muslim activists to greet him after winning Modi in the general elections in 2014, has urged the Prime Minister to stop the killing of Muslims.

Following the case of violence against a Muslim in a train in Ballabhgarh, Aligarh Muslim Forum and Analysis Forum have urged Prime Minister Modi to take steps to curb killings of Indian Muslims. It is one of the very few Muslim organizations to have tilted towards Modi.

This talk of the forum becomes important because in 2014, Jasim Mohammed, the head of the forum, was one of the first Muslim activists to greet him after Narendra Modi’s victory. He had expressed his trust in everyone’s development under the BJP GOVT.

Due to Modi’s support, Jasim has faced criticism of other Muslims in the last three years. In a letter to the Prime Minister, he has cautioned him about ‘growing chaos against the Muslims in the country’.

A copy of this letter is near the wire. In this, Jasim writes, “There have been some incidents in parts of the country, especially in North India, for a long time, where Muslims are being killed due to some reason. This not only results in mis-message of Muslims of the society but also in other communities. Concerns about the assassination of Junaid in a train going to Mathura has increased the concern of the security of Muslims. Though these incidents are responsible for the state government, people also see the central government questioning why they are not taking any step.

Jasim writes, “There is a dire need to stop such incidents, or else I am scared that we are going in such a dangerous time, where perhaps the government will be losing control of it. I am taking my agenda forward by joining thousands of people in the society, so please pay attention to this and thus take steps to openly block the killings of Muslims. ”

It is to be known that in the last two years, Jasim has met Prime Minister Modi several times, and also has written 6 books in Urdu in praise of his methods of governance.

The names of his books clearly show his inclination towards Narendra Modi. Narendra Bhai Modi ‘from the floor to the throne, Statesman Narendra Modi, from mind to the masses – Narendra Modi, Alami Qaid – Narendra Bhai Modi, Narendra Modi Calling, Mind Talk I & II and the Message Narendra Modi

Jasim has also told Modi in this letter that he is not averse to being called a ‘Modi devotee’. But when his Muslim partner, about the silence of the Modi government and not taking any action on the growing incidents of killing of Muslims all over the country, When asked, Jasim has no answer to give them.

He wrote, “I feel proud and respected when I am called a Modi devotee. I am related to you and take your side publicly without hesitation. But now thousands of people question me about this growing trend of killing (Muslims), but I do not have any answer to give them. ‘

Jasim had announced the ‘Narendra Modi Scholarship’ for poor Muslim children in poor education last year. Jasim also says that the decision to celebrate Eid with the raid of black ribbons by Muslims in protest of these killings will make the country’s image worse in the world.

In his address to the Prime Minister, he has written, ‘Perhaps you will know that Muslims are now appealing to celebrate the Eid by binding a black band in protest against social media and public. I believe that this will not only affect the country but also the world.

Jasim also says that the government’s failure to take no step on the growing lawlessness against Muslims will finally prove to be bad for the image of the governing administrator of Modi running a powerful government.

At the end of the letter, Jasim appears apprehensive that this letter should not be seen as a criticism of the Modi government. He has terminated the letter saying, ‘Believe me, I am with you, but I am sending this letter to you with good dignity and dignity to protect the integrity of the country.’


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