Population control law needed : Giriraj Singh

New Delhi: Asserting that a law on population control was needed for communal harmony, Union Minister Giriraj Singh has slammed the ‘appeasement politics’ for declining Hindu population.

The minister, known for making controversial remarks, said appeasement politics has led to the Hindu population ‘declining from 90 per cent in 1947 to below 72 per cent at present’.

‘If population control law is not introduced in India, communal harmony would be disrupted. Wherever Hindu population has decreased in the country, communal harmony has been affected,’ he told a regional Zee Group channel in an interview to be aired on Saturday.

However, according to 2011 census, Hindus comprise 79.8 per cent of the total population compared to 84.1 per cent as per 1951 census.

The Minister added that there was also a need to ‘revisit the definition’ of minorities. ‘I can do anything for this. I am a Hindu first and then a BJP man,’ he said.

The Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, who was also a minister in Nitish Kumar’s cabinet in Bihar, alleged that the Janata Dal-United leader was not concerned about the development of the state anymore but ‘was running after power now’.

Attacking Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Lalu Prasad, he termed him a ‘brand ambassador of Jungle Raj’.
Giriraj Singh also said he wanted yoga to be made compulsory in schools across the nation as it was ‘good for health’.


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