Police complaint filed against Kanpur doctor Aarti Lalchandani for Islamophobia, Supreme Court lawyer says ‘determined’ to pursue case against her bigotry

A Supreme Court lawyer has filed a complaint with the Kanpur Police against Dr. Aarti Lalchandani, the principal of Ganesh Vidhyarti Medical College after she was caught making Islamophobic comments in a sting video. Faced with global outrage, Lalchandani has now apologised but many activists feel that a mere apology wouldn’t be enough since she has done enormous damage in vilifying the Muslim community of India.

In his complaint, Supreme Court lawyer Ali Zaidi wrote, “I am making this complaint for registration of an F.I.R under the sections as mentioned below against Dr. Aarti
Lalchanandani who is the principal of Ganesh Vidhyarti Medical College, Kanpur. A video of Dr Aarti Lalchandani and other unknown persons having a conversation is going viral on the internet, in which they can be seen ranting against members of a sect and specifically the Muslim community at large and made these comments: “They are terrorist we are giving VIP treatment to terrorists.’ “Send them to jungles, throw them in dungeons. Because of these 30 crores, 100 crores are suffering. There is a financial emergency because of them.”
“Give them an injection, down them one by one.”

Zaidi told Janta Ka Reporter that he will file a complaint through 156(3) if the Kanpur Police did not act on his complaint against Lalchandani. He has also filed a complaint against her in the state medical council.

Faced with condemnation, Lalchandani has issued a statement stating how she loved Muslims and she was always available to help them. But, many argue that she was sorry only for getting caught and not for her bigotry.

Former MP and CPI-M’s Politburo Member Suhasini Ali has also demanded her removal from the post as she said, “We demand the removal of the principal GSVM medical college। If video is genuine she must be dismissed and prosecuted.”

Lalchandani had played a key role in defaming Muslims by making unsubstantiated allegations on 4 April that Tablighi Jamaat members were spitting and misbehaving with staff members. Rajat Sharma’s India TV had even done a whole programme based on her stunning allegations.

This contributed immensely to the widespread economic boycott of poor Muslim businessmen as they began to face persecution amidst the coronavirus pandemic. A campaign was launched by Hindutva fanatics to portray Muslims as the spreader of COVID-19.

Source: Janta Ka Reporter


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