PM’s image no substitute for national vision: Rahul Gandhi

‘Modi busy building his own image, has no clear cut vision on China’

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was busy building his own image and had no clear cut vision on China.

Gandhi posted a video on Twitter in which he’s heard advising the government on ways to deal with the Chinese.

“Psychologically, you have to deal with the Chinese from a position of strength. If you deal with them from a position of strength, you can work with them you can get what you need and it can be actually done. But if they sense weakness then you had it,” Gandhi said.

He also said PM’s vision could not be a substitute for a national vision.

“It is because there is no clear cut vision going forward. PM’s responsibility is to give the vision. It’s not there. I can tell you, guaranteed, it’s not there and that’s why China’s is in there today,” Congress leader said.

He said India is not going to take on China without a vision and that too an international vision.

“India has to have a global vision. India now has to become an idea. And it has to become a global idea. Thinking big is going to protect India,” Gandhi said adding that the country has to change its approach while resolving the Border dispute with China.

He said it’s at this point the road parts.

“If we go this way we become a major player if we go this way, we become irrelevant. I can see that a huge opportunity is being lost. Because we are not thinking long term,” said Gandhi.

He said, “We are fighting amongst each other.”

Source: The Tribune


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