PM Narendra Modi openly seeking votes by creating suspicion: Congress


New Delhi. The Congress on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had “stooped to a new low” and claimed his presence in Karnataka would have “no impact” in the election on May 12. Congress’s senior spokesperson Anand Sharma said Modi is the first Prime Minister who is “openly seeking votes by creating suspicion, tension and division among communities, groups and religions.”

Calling it a “grand design of the BJP-RSS,” Sharma said, “People of India have no hope from his (Modi’s) promises…the trust that he had gained in 2014 has evaporated and that is reflected in the desperation and the tactics employed by him.”

While referring to the recent controversies over Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s portrait in Aligarh Muslim University and celebration of Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary, he said: “BJP is trying to inflame passions to bring about divisions for polarisation, just for electoral benefits. They are promoting disharmony, tension and violence in the society.” Calling them non-issues, Sharma said that a desperate Modi and BJP are bringing them up “because that is where their thinking stops.”

He questioned the “moral right” of Modi to talk about corruption, when BJP’s chief ministerial candidate and other leaders moved around with the “Bellary mafia”. The Congress leader also accused Modi of politicising the Indian Army for electoral gains.

“He is the first Prime Minister who has repeatedly dragged the Indian Army, soldiers and Generals for electoral gains to emotionally exploit the people,” Sharma said. He also accused other BJP leaders of “leveling false accusations” against the Congress.

Sharma said, “They believe in three things — ‘Invent, Manufacture, Defame,’ after that ‘Inflame Passions’ and create division and violence. This is their philosophy; it is integral to their DNA. Lies are integral to their DNA. What more do you expect from them?”

He advised Modi to realise that he is not an opposition leader but the country’s Prime Minister and “he should behave and conduct himself like one”. He said by “distorting and misrepresenting history, historical facts, names and other details”, Modi had invited “global ridicule”.