Person who comments against the Prophet should be arrested immediately: MSO

New Delhi: The Muslim Students Organization of India, India’s largest student and youth organization, has expressed outrage over the insulting remarks made by Narasinhanand Saraswati and his associates at the Press Club in Delhi against Islam and the Prophet. MSO has demanded Delhi Police to immediately arrest the culprits and send them to jail.

Mudassir Ashrafi, Delhi State vice-president of the organization, said that during a press conference held at the Press Club of India, a saffron saint said indecent things against Islam and Prophet of Islam, which has caused a lot of anger and resentment among the Muslims of India.

Expressing strong resentment, Ashrafi said that insult to Islam and Prophet of Islam will not be tolerated at any cost. These terrorists disguised as religious leaders are conspiring to provoke large scale riots and break up the society across the country. He said that there is no place in Indian society for those who spread such terror and violence and according to the Indian Constitution, their place is just jail. The government should arrest this person immediately.

Ashrafi said that when FIRs have been registered against Narasinhanand in many parts of the country including Delhi, what is the reason that Delhi Police is not arresting him? Is he being rescued under political pressure? Delhi Police should clarify. He said that soon a delegation of MSO led by the national president of the organization would meet the Deputy Governor of Delhi and demand immediate action.


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