People who feel unsafe in India should be bombed: BJP MLA Vikram Saini

Saini defended his statements saying that he was speaking in a language that is spoken in his village.

BJP MLA Vikram Saini raked up a controversy Friday by threatening to bomb “those who feel unsafe in this country”. While talking to mediapersons at Rampur trijunction in Muzaffarnagar, the MLA said, “My personal view is that those who say they feel unsafe and threatened in India, should be bombed. Give me a ministry and I will bomb all such people… not even one will be spared.”

He defended his statements saying that he was speaking in a language that is spoken in his village.

Continuing his barbs, Saini said, “I am not singling out anybody from any particular community or caste. A strict law should be there to deal with people who speak against our country. There are a number of countries where such people, who talk anti-national things are hanged, but our country doesn’t have a strict law and that works in their advantage.”

Condemning the statement, state Congress chief Raj Babbar said, “The CM says ‘thok do’, an MLA who aspires to be a minister says will bomb people. He should be arrested and punished. He is speaking like a terrorist and must be probed for terror links. We request that a case be registered against such people.”

Saini, who is not new to controversy, has also made inflammatory statements in the past. In February 2018, the BJP MLA while addressing a meeting in Muzaffarnagar had said that the family planning ideal of “hum do, hamare do” should be applied to those who now follow the principle of “hum do, hamare 25”, and demanded that Hindus should be allowed to produce more children until a law is passed to control the country’s population.

In January last year, Saini had triggered another row by saying India is a country for Hindus. He had earlier threatened to break the limbs of “cow killers”, and said that those who refused to sing Vande Mataram should not be spared.

Source: The Indian Express


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