Palestine is victim of Zionist Media also- Chandrashekhar Azad

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New Delhi.

This is a period of decline that the media has associated its attitude with power. Media becomes friendlier when it has agenda on news against natives. Chandrashekhar Azad of Bhim Army said here in an news Application Launching ceremony of ‘National Speak’ at India Islamic Cultural Centre at New Delhi. He is the founder member of Bhim Army, an organisation working for the benefitting for the majority Dalits and the aboriginals.

He remembered the Palestine issue. He said that CNN, BBC remains silent on the news of the Palestinian atrocities. Palestinians brought out of their own country under the pressure of Zionist forces. Israel justifies the possession. This media disappears for the question of the millions of Palestinians in Gaza and East Bank seeking their right to home in their own country. Thousands of Palestinians seeking a way to their home in Gaza do not even mention the tyranny of Zionist Israel, and if a Palestinian boy asks for an Israeli release, then the poor media writes terrorists.

He called the USA intervention in Venezuela as war against indigenous inhabitants of the country. He said that oppression of native residents is being caused and the world’s Zionist media is silent on their harassment. On the recent developments in South America and the attitude of the media, Chandrasekhar said that Nicholas Maduro’s elected government in a country has all legitimacy to rule the nation. He called it interference in Venezuela’s affairs, if USA and the West does not recognise Maduro Government. He asked journalists “Who is Maduro? Native inhabitants of Venezuela, who do not want to share their country’s oil with America and whites. The Venezuelan native originates with his native President Nicolas Maduro, but the entire world needs to evacuate him from Venezuela so that Venezuela can be plundered by taking oil and resources. I want to tell you whether India or Palestine, Venezuela or Guatemala, Cuba or Nicaragua. To suppress the voice of the native in every country, politics, corporate and media have created a game of loot and spoil. If we do not understand it then we will go into the trough.” He appealed to the masses that this media considers you a customer and works against you. The treatment is that you do not buy its merchandise. Go for right news from the right source.

During a conference, the young Dalit leader also mentioned the situation of Media in India. He said that the so-called mainstream media is not freed from paid news, political agendas and lying. He suggested for the options as to adopt alternative media for the information. He was welcomed by young journalist and the editor of , Wasim Akram Tyagi.