Our Forces Gave Befitting Reply To Pak At Longewala, Says PM Modi

Spending Diwali today with soldiers is a tradition PM Modi has followed every year since he came to power in 2014.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today paid tribute to soldiers and their scarifies as he spent Diwali with soldiers at Longewala in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer. Spending Diwali today with soldiers is a tradition PM Modi has followed every year since he came to power in 2014.

Here are the Highlights from PM Modi’s speech

  • I salute you all. If you all are there, then the nation is there, it’s citizens are safe and hence festivals happen. I thank you all on behalf of all citizens of India.
  • I bring their good wishes, blessings and gratitude and coney it to you all in person. While the nation celebrates Diwali today, you all are here, protecting the nation. That sense of duty, that sacrifice, is worthy of praise. Not just you, the sacrifice of your families are also worthy of praise. All Indians thank for this.
  • Some people may wonder why does Modi ji go to meet soldiers year after year on Diwali. But tell me one thing, Diwali is a festival we celebrate with family, and with those, we call our own… so each year I spend time with you all because you all are my own, my family. I bring sweets for you all today. But these are not just from me. It is from all 130 crore Indians.
  • India has long borders with several nations, but if there is one border post whose name is known by every Indian, it is Longewala. The Battle of Longewala is one that every Indian knows about and the saying “Jo bole so nihaal, sat sri akaal” comes to mind every time we think about it.
  • The Battle of Longewala was fought when Pakistan opened up the 1971 war on the western front to hide their war crimes, human rights violations, and heinous crimes in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan). This included horrific crimes against women and children.
  • Next year will mark 50 years since the 1971 India-Pakistan war, and hence I wanted to visit this border post and meet you all.
  • The lesson that history has taught all nation-states, that only those nations stand the test of time and exist and flourish over time, which can stand up to the challenges that come its way and know how to rise above these challenges triumphant.
  • Today, India has a strong defence and a strong-minded political will to take the necessary action when the need arises. Today, India knows the language that sends a clear message to those who threaten our progress and take our intention for peace for granted.
  • Today, If the need arises, India doesn’t hesitate to go in and take the enemy out. Be it ground strikes or air strikes; our decisions have sent a clear message to those who don’t understand the goodwill of peace.
  • Today, India is rapidly building its border infrastructure and has given priority to its defence needs, like equipment, gear, arms and ammunition, logistical supplies, and even machinery and heavy equipment. Not only is all this being prioritised, but our effort is to manufacture in India and grow our defence sector too. We have already started seeing this. A nations oneness and strength depend a lot on the unity of its people.

Source: NDTV


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