One lakh delegates to attend World Sunni meet

Nagpur: Stage is set for a three-day World Islamic Sunni Iitimaa (WISI) being organized in the city from October 26 to 28. More than one lakh delegates from India and abroad are likely to attend this conference organized to mark the 100th Urs of Imaam Ahmed Raza Khan at KDK College ground, Wardhaman Nagar.

The event has been organized by Munazzamah Falaahiyyah, an organization which works for social, religious and academic welfare of the Sunni community. Giving details of the event, Shariq Sheikh Razavi, president of Munazzamah Falaahiyyah said, “Imaam Ahmed Raza Khan is highly revered in our community as he is known as a revivalist. People like him come once in a century and they are known as revivalist as they help in bringing back to the religion many of its practices which have got diluted or are forgotten over the years.”
About 150 scholars from India and abroad will attend the conference which will focus on subjects like spreading teachings and preaching of Sufism, inculcating patriotism in youth, loving the younger and respecting the elders, striving to declare Nagpur as a clean, green and peaceful city and most importantly, propagating the literary works of Imaam Raza Ahmed Khan.

The motto of the conference is ‘Follow Sufism, not terrorism’.

The highlight of the event will be release of a biography of Imaam Raza Ahmed Khan in various languages. “Sufism prescribes life which is beneficial to mankind, so the purpose of the conference is to reach these peaceful tenets laid down in Islam and propagated by the Imaam to all communities,” Razavi said.

The notable among the speakers will be Sheikh Noor Al Ain Qadri from Tanzania, Hazrat Dr Hasan Raza Khan from Patna, Hazrat Mannan Raza Khan from Bareilly Shareef who belongs to the family of the Imaam, Hazrat Sayyed Moin Ashraf Kachhauchha Sharief, Uttar Pradesh and Hazrat Sheikh Abu Bakar from Kerala. Representatives of famous dargahs of India will also be present.

On October 26, a special conference will be organized for women which will be attended by 50 women scholars from different cities.

Chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and union transport minister Nitin Gadkari will be the chief guests at a special seminar on ‘Sufism and humanity’ and ‘Role of Muslim community in nation building’ to be held at Hotel Orient Taibah at 10am on October 27. Hazrat Dr Sayyed Fazlullah Chishti from New Delhi will address the seminar.

A 300×80 sq feet dome has been put up at the venue to accommodate the delegates for which no charges will be taken though food will be provided at a nominal rate, Razavi said.

Source: Times of India


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