One day Azmat e Rasool Conference organized by MSO

Dewas: One day event organized by Dewas Unit of Muslim Student Organization of India in which Sayyid Muhammad Qadri Sahab from Mumbai and Mufti Khalid Ayyub Misbahi Sahab from Jaipur presented the title. The program started in afternoon in which Mufti saheb trained MSO volunteers and students. They made them aware about the current situation of Muslims community. They shared their ground zero experience of situations of Muslims in Syria, Yemen, Jordan and Palestine.

The program of the night was under the leadership of Maulana Iliyas Qadri Saheb, in which the Prophet of Islam and Hazrat Ali’s children lineage, Sayyid Muhammad Qadri Sahab, shed light on reasons why fingers are raised against the Prophet Islam and instructed Muslims to present and put the real Islamic Akhlaq and the character in front of the world.

The program was conducted by MSO Convenor Amaan Razvi and the guest was thanked by the Convenor Iqrar Ashrafi in the presence of Imam Hazraat of all Sunni mosques. In the program Arshad Raza, Dr Ejaz Ali Qadri, Zeeshan Sheikh, Sohail Qadri, Owais Sheikh, Aman Rajwada and all the MSO members were present.


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