No plans for NRC now, will talk to everyone if we approach it: Home Minister Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah also reiterated that there is no provision in the Citizenship Amendment Act that would threaten anyone’s citizenship.

Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday told Aaj Tak in an exclusive interview about the government’s present stance on the National Citizenship Register (NRC) which led to massive protests across the country in the months leading up to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

“NRC has not come in yet, when it comes, there is no talk of bringing it, even if it comes all stakeholders will be consulted,” Home Minister Amit Shah said in response to a question about concerns regarding the documents that may be required to prove one’s citizenship in the case of a possible NRC.

“I would like to reiterate that the Citizenship Amendment Act will not affect anyone’s citizenship, there is no provision for taking citizenship in CAA,” Home Minister Amit Shah added.

The Home Minister also mentioned several of the government’s accomplishments upon completion of one year in office. Among these were the Abrogation of Article 370, the establishment of a Ram Mandir trust, the criminalization of Triple Talaq and the CAA.

“These issues have been ongoing for a long time. Migrants have been seeking asylum in India since Independence. Article 370 was introduced as a temporary measure by the Constituent Assembly. Ram Janmabhoomi case was the country’s oldest case,” Home Minister Amit Shah said adding, “For the past 60 years, these issues have been connected to the country’s unity and integrity, social justice and popular sentiment.”

Source: India Today