Nikhil Jain reacts to allegations of financial fraud by Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan, confirms separation

Kolkata-based businessman Nikhil Jain has broken his silence on the stunning allegations of financial fraud by Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan. Jain, who tied the knot with Nusrat in 2019, confirmed that the couple had indeed separated way back in November 2020.

Jain reportedly told India Today that he had filed for an annulment in Kolkata. He said, “I have filed for an annulment in Kolkata, we have been separated since November last yea.”

Jain, however, refused to react to Nusrat’s allegations that he had illegally withdrawn money from her accounts and taken possession of her jewellery.

“These are legalities, I don’t really want to comment on anything she’s said because the matter is sub judice in court. I have filed a civil suit in Kolkata and I will not comment on it till it is in court,” India Today quoted Jain as saying.

Jain and Nusrat had exchanged wedding vows in Turkey in 2019. The Trinamool MP had later introduced herself as Nusrat Jahan Ruhi Jain when she arrived in the parliament to take the oath of office as an MP. However, Nusrat on Wednesday stunned everyone by announcing that she was no longer living with her husband.

She had said in her statement that her marriage with Jain was never valid since it was an interfaith marriage, which required validation under the Special Marriage Act in India. She had said, “As the marriage was not legal, valid and tenable, there is no question of divorce.”

Without taking the name of Jain, Nusrat accused him of committing serious financial fraud claiming that he had illegally withdrawn funds from her bank accounts without getting her approval. She said, “The one who claims to be “rich” and “been used by me” has been taking money from my account by accessing my bank accounts illegally and by illegitimate means at odd hours of the night, even post-separation. I have already taken this up with the concerned banking authority and a police complaint shall be filed shortly.”

It also emerged that the Trinamool MP had removed her photos with Jain from her Instagram page.

Source: Janta Ka Reporter


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