Sunni Dawate Islami’s 27th annual conference concludes today

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NEW DELHI: The worldwide non-political organization “Sunni Dawate Islami” is organizing its 27th Annual Congregation (Sunni Ijtema) which is one of the largest Sunni Muslims event in India.
Event of  Male Congregation: 12th Nov Sunday – 10 am to 10 pm: It’s one of the largest Congregations of Muslims held every year in Azad Maidan. More than 200000 Men attend this event to acquire Islamic knowledge; understand their roles and responsibilities, prepare themselves in accordance with Islamic teachings for developing a moral society.
§ As per Quranic injunction, The Prophet Mohammed صلى الله عليه وسلم was sent by our Lord as a “Teacher to Humanity with Book” and “to perfect the noble character”.
§ Education is very important & one should spend more on education than anything else
§ The slogan of Sunni Dawate Islami is “Spread Knowledge and Develop Moral Character”
Some of the Most Important Messages given to the Muslims by Allama Qamruzzaman Khan Azmi was :
• “We are living in the world’s largest democracy & the beauty of this country is that the majority
of people here support Truth & Justice irrespective of religion, cast & creed. So never ever be part
of any type of divisive agenda.
This country is our country and we have to be an agent of Love & Peace. And this can only
be achieved through proper Education & Moral Character.”
• “Today the people hate you because you are not true Muslims.”
Some of the Most Important Messages given to the Muslims by Allama Shakir Noorie was
• The Bad Character of today’s Muslim is what is causing the biggest harm to Islam.
• The most valuable gift a parent can give to their children is “Beautiful Character”


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