Student Finds Dead Mouse In His Breakfast At IIT-Delhi

NEW DELHI: The IIT-JEE exams in India are one of the toughest exams conducted in the country where lakhs of students burn the midnight oil and study, to see their name in the admission list of one of the most prestigious institutes in the country.

Once they get admission, the students expect quality education and hygienic food in the institutions they will call their home for the next 4 years or more. However, the sad reality is that the hostel mess has been known to mostly provide sub-par food to the hard-working students of the institute.

However, a student at the prestigious IIT-Delhi was taken aback when he witnessed the most disgusting and outrageous addition to his food, a dead mouse!

The student exposed the negligence of the mess in a Facebook post condemning the institution’s failure to maintain hygiene standards.

While a lot of comments made fun of the fact that a mouse was found in the food, others were genuinely concerned with the negligence of the mess and were asking their friends to be careful while eating their food.

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The IITs have been held in high regard by the society as a whole for providing quality education to its students and also giving them good food at subsidised prices. However, one act of negligence, if left unattended, can be instrumental in maligning the image of the institution.