‘Khichdi’ to be named national dish at World Food India Event

NEW DELHI: Khichdi, an amalgamation of rice, lentils and spices, is on its way to become the country’s national food.

The humble khichdi will be unveiled as an Indian super food at the country’s biggest-ever global food show, the World Food India in the national capital on November 4.

The highlight of the event will be some of the country’s top chefs coming together to cook a pot of khichdi weighing 800 kg. The organisers plan to make the Guinness World Records for the largest khichdi ever to be cooked.

Citing sources, Navbharat Times reported that the Ministry of Food Processing had put forth khichdi as representative of Indian cuisine, which was approved by the Centre. The ministry, which is led by Harsmirat Kaur Badal, gave the rationale that the dish is enjoyed by everyone, be they rich or poor and can be considered the “queen of all foods”. It is healthy, delicious and economical to make, requiring only a handful of ingredients to make.

The World Food India-2017 is an international mega food event being organised in New Delhi on November 3-5.

More than 200 global companies and 450 domestic companies will participate at the event. Japan, Denmark and Germany are partner countries in the World Food India-2017 while Italy and the Netherlands are ‘Focus Countries’. The event will be inaugurated by Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu.


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