JNU students union urges state governments to prevent attacks on Kashmiri students


Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU) has expressed concern over repeated incidents of violence against Kashmiri students across various educational institutions outside the valley.

In a statement, General Secretary JNUSU, Aejaz Ahmad Rather stated that some mischievous and divisive elements were targeting people of Kashmir in different parts of the country which he said will spread hatred over peace.

“State government should give in (sic) efforts to ensure that no such attacks on Kashmiri students are allowed especially owing to any intelligence failures,” he said.

The association appealed to the political party leaders across the country, civil society and media to use their influences to maintain harmony and peace instead of stirring hatred amongst the people.

“We also request the political leadership of the country that at this crucial juncture they must not allow the disruptive and divisive elements to divide the communities under the garb of this tragedy, for their petty political objectives,” Rather said.

The association appealed to the state governments and educational institutions to prevent any instances of violence against Kashmiri students and ensure an amicable environment. “In these difficult circumstances, let us not let hatred win over peace,” he said.