Good News : Supreme Court extended deadline to link Aadhaar card



New Delhi. Supreme Court is decide to extend the deadline for linking the Aadhaar card to various services and welfare measures to March 31 next year.Bank accounts, mobile phones, and all government schemes will extend their norms for linking Aadhaar Card to March 31 next year.

Supreme Court said that new bank accounts can be opened without Aadhaar, but the applicant needs to submit proof that he/she has applied for the unique identification card. Similarly, the deadline of February 6 for linking Aadhaar with the mobile services also stands extended up to March 31 with today’s order.

PM Narendra Modi made Aadhaar mandatory for several welfare schemes.Hence,Modi government decided to extend the deadline for mandatory Aadhaar and Supreme Court was ready to extend the date of linking Aadhar.Now,Government issued a notification to extend the deadline for mandatory quoting of Aadhaar and Permanent Account Number (PAN) for bank accounts and certain financial transactions.

On other hand,There was no information about linking Aadhaar to SIM cards.Linking SIM cards to Aadhar card deadline is February 6.

Recently,Several petitioners challenging the validity of Aadhaar had claimed it violated privacy rights.