Azim’s painful murder is shameful for country and democracy: MSO


New Delhi. The Muslim Student Organization of India (MSO), largest organization of Muslim students in India, has condemned the lynching of a madrasa student Azim (8 years) in the VVIP locality of capital, New Delhi. MSO has termed this incident shameful for country and democracy.
MSO’s National secretary Anis Shirazi said that killing of eight-year-old child is like a black spot on democracy. This incident of lynching tells how the hatred in the country has been increased to the extent that people kill an innocent child by painfully. Azim is murdered at the place where the country’s Prime Minister, the central ministers are living.

He said that people who have done such an event are anti-nation; they are openly challenging the country’s secularism, constitution and law. He said that communal people want to spoil the atmosphere of the country by carrying out such incidents. So that he can take his political benefit on the corpses of innocents and victims.

MSO also targeted the silence of all political parties on this incident. He said that political parties are required to vote for Muslims, but they remain silent on the injustice of Muslims. The MSO has demanded that the incident should be investigated and the culprits should be severely punished.



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